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Beyond Academics - Amrita International Vidyalayam, Bengaluru

One of the proven ways to cater to the mental wellness of students is through extracurriculars. Amrita International Vidyalayam Bangalore has a wide range of extracurricular activities running within the normal routine of the school to ensure the holistic development of the learners. We believe, “Every child is a winner” and to adhere to this belief we provide a plethora of additional learning programs to find out the best in their students.

Vedic chanting

We encourages Spirituality with a scientific temper. Our learners participate in Vedic chanting. Weekly classes are held as part of our Beyond Academic Program for holistic development. It has been experienced and proven by research that Vedic chanting has apositive effect on memory for sustained attention. It helps the learners to assimilate their thoughts, sharpens the intellect, keeps the mind alert, helps in healing, normalizes heart rate, and energizes the brain. They learn and chant selected chapters and shlokas from the Bhagwad Gita and Shanti mantras from the Upanishad. The school assembly vibrates with the divine sounds of the invocation and closing mantras. The core purpose of chanting is to inspire our learners to appreciate and preserve our cultural roots and serve their community through their noble acts with love, integrity, and honesty.

STEAM Education

STEM education is an approach to teaching and learning that integrates science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as pathways to guide learner inquiry,discussions, and critical thinking. It is a program that provides connections between various academic disciplines and offers a variety of opportunities for learners a chance to combine concepts and knowledge to create a deeper understanding and solve real-world problems.STEAM education at in our school is an extension of STEM learning which integrates STEM subjects with arts. Learners often use mathematics as an area of knowledge within which to frame inquiries, develop understanding, and solve problems relating to science, engineering, and technology. STEAM education is about more than developing practical skills alone. It also helps learners develop the capacity to take thoughtful risks, engage in meaningful learning activities, become resilient problem solvers, embrace and appreciate collaboration, work through the creative process, and hence take care of their well-being.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are among the best forms of physical and mental exercises that have a long-lasting impact on the body and mind of people. Yoga improves our posture, gain focus, relax, sleep better, and become physically fitter simply by incorporating this practice into our everyday lives. Meditation, on the other hand, helps us to be relaxed and calm.

We ensure Yoga and meditation sessions are held on a weekly basis and are a part of our regular schedule. Learners from primary years onwards are exposed to these practices. It is said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and good health keeps us motivated to achieve our goals. Through these programs, the school prepares their learners for the future to face a stressful world.

Dance and Music

Dance transports us to a different world of enjoyment and relaxation. We give emphasis on various forms of dance, like Indian classical, Zumba, contemporary, and the like. Along with this, we offers both vocal and instrumental music and provide exposure to the students to learn various art forms from across the globe. The objective of incorporating it into the regular schedule is to support the learners in their physical and mental well-being and to give them the opportunity to develop and showcase their artistic talent with a simple motto of tapping the best in every learner.

Physical health and education

We offer a range of sports activities offered by the physical health and education

coaches in our school. Be it the outdoor games like athletics, football, swimming, basketball, or skating or through indoor games like table tennis, chess, and snooker, the school educates the learners on the importance of physical health and how it impacts their overall psychological and emotional well-being. The students are trained by both in-house coaches and external trainers to build their inner strength and be resilient.